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Framing a digital shelter during & post pregnancy.

Mothrly is an interactive platform for both expected mothers and doulas (a trained professional to support expectant parents)/gynecologists where pregnant ladies can easily book a meeting with professionals. Mothrly is a platform to make the lives of new mothers easier by providing them care facilities from booking doula services to gynecologists at their fingertips. For doctors, too, it's a great platform as they can easily schedule meetings.

Problem Statement

Expecting women are concerned about their pregnancy and our confused about how they can hire a doula who will help them till the delivery and after their baby is born. They are hesitant to hire someone at this crucial stage and they want a systematic platform.


To make the life of new mothers easier by providing them with care facilities ranging from doula services to gynecologists at their fingertips with an easy-to-use interface.

Possible Solution

Creating a user's friendly profile where pregnant ladies can set up a profile, book a doula service, and consult a gynecologist. In addition, a platform for doctors where they can set up their profile, find the bookings requests, and check their earnings. All in all, engaging platform with multiple features for soon-to-be a mother.

Research Process

  • Domain Research

  • Customer interviews

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Customer Journey

  • Survey

Discovery Phase

Finding the right audience

Finding the right audience The first stage of our process is the find the right target user group with research and analysis. As when you find the right audience you can provide the best solutions.

  • Targeted Audience
  • Pregnant women
  • Doulas
  • Gynecologist
  • New parents
  • Elderly

Customers Persona

Reema (Pregnant Woman/soon-to-be mother)

Reema is a soon-to-be mom. She is very overwhelmed with her pregnancy and people have suggested she hire a doula who will help her till the delivery and after her baby is born. She is hesitant to hire someone at this crucial stage.


  • Easy journey to find the doula
  • Systematic approach
  • Verified registered doulas
  • Genuine information and reviews
  • Interactive Community for parents and soon-to-be parents

Pain Points

  • Thinks it will be time consuming
  • Worry about misleading Information
  • Worry about verification of Doula
Reema (Pregnant Woman/soon-to-be mother)

Nisha is a new mom. She is worried about her newly born child as there is no one to guide her at this stage. Also, she doesn’t want her child to get a check-up with a new doctor; so wants someone experienced.


  • An experienced doula for her child
  • An end-to-end platform
  • Regular guidance

Pain Points

  • Don’t want an unexperienced doula
  • Worry about misleading Information
  • Stressed about her new baby
Ravi (A new father)

Ravi is a government officer and a new father, who cannot give time to his wife due to his busy schedule. He is looking for experienced doulas for the support of his wife. But, he has a busy schedule so he cannot get an appointment. Thus, he wants instant support and booking.


  • An experienced doula for her child
  • A quick booking platform
  • Better support from doulas

Pain Points

  • Don’t want an unexperienced doula
  • Stressed about his busy schedule & inefficient booking platforms
  • Worried about his wife’s health

Customers’ Journey

Users journey map

Based on users' research, we create a customer journey map for a better understanding of pain points and expectations in the overall journey that users may encounter while booking a doula.

Design Phase


  • Fewer choices
  • Search is intensive
  • Lack of instant support


  • Providing better search results
  • Enabling more control over the process
  • Helping moms faster
  • Bridging the communication gap

We are building an application where moms can easily get support and care at their fingertips. For doulas and gynecologists, they can easily schedule their meetings with the help of build in calendars.

Product Features

For Parents:

  • Setting up a profile
  • Book a Doula Service
  • Consult a gynecologist
  • Build and participate in the community
  • Engaging features - Baby Face Generator and Create an Invite

For Doulas & Doctors:

  • Setting up a profile
  • Booking Requests
  • Check Your Earnings

Glipmse Of Our Work

Usability Testing

Usability test(scored 8/10)

  • The Goal - To help women in getting instant support and bookings from doulas & gynecologists.
  • The Task - Creating a seamless and user-friendly platform
  • Success - The task is completed in less than 5 error clicks. So the model is clear.


Our team effectively finished the project in 3 weeks after understanding the client's presentation. We create a seamless and users friendly experience by understanding the need of your business. Do you want to try our UI/UX services? Let's connect!

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