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What is Brand Messaging and Brand Message Framework?

By Santosh Kumar | November 7, 2020 | Branding

Every consumer has their favorite brand when it comes to a particular industry, such as food, fashion, health, beauty, etc. Not just consumers, but marketers also look forward to considering some brands as the epitome of perfection in brand communication. But why is this the case? What makes a brand unique, and what role does brand marketing strategy has to play in it? This blog covers answers to all such questions as we discuss brand messaging, a crucial part of brand communication strategy.

As a brand, you need to have a presence on every social media platform online and maintain a bold personality in the industry.

Often, narrating an appealing brand story through messaging is not easy, and it needs creative minds that work in collaboration to help your brand grow and strengthen, building a powerful reputation.

Let’s know about the craft of brand messaging and the initial framework.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is a method in which your brand communicates its exceptional values and personality through its nonverbal and verbal messaging. It can attract, invite and encourage customers to buy your product and services.

To be precise, it is a reliable way that can allow your customers to have a healthy relationship with your brand. It is an amalgamation of design, language, events, and consistent efforts to telling a story of your brand’s journey and existence.

So, how can you start developing brand messaging that would grab your consumers’ attention? For this, you need to have two things clear in your head – your target audience and extraordinary value proposition.

Once you have this sorted, you can start writing the brand guidelines or brand identity to get help in making your marketing decisions. Your thinking pattern will revolve around your brand? Like, will a brand that is concerned about ‘X’ do it this way? Would a brand that values ‘Y’ sell this?

Having a brand identity that is relatable to your audience and portrays a personality, or maintains a friendly relationship with your target audience is how you can continue being relevant and connected to your consumer, creating loyal customers.

What is a brand message framework?

Now that you have a clear understanding of what is brand messaging and developing a successful brand identity, it’s time to get into the brand message framework. You can use the following pattern or framework to craft a brand identity or message.

1. Know and outline who you are

The first step is to get answers to these questions:

While you answer these questions and start mapping out your brand identity and the way your brand messaging should look, note that your brand message also answers the question, why? Why do you think your target audience care?

  • How are you different from your industry peers?
  • What is your value proposition, and why is it unique?
  • Who is the target audience, and what are their priorities in choosing a product or service you showcase?
  • What kind of message will your target audience resonate best?
  • Does your message tell an appealing story?
  • What are your company values?
  • What are your company goals and mission?
2. Understand your audience

When you are aware of who you are and what you are here for, you need to get an idea of your target audience. You need to understand what your audience wants. Create buyer personas representing your potential consumers and their goals. It will be a support in finding alignment between your consumers and your brand.

3. Create a document that explains your brand message

Once you are done with answering the questions and creating buyer personas, you can start compiling all these information in a single document that becomes an explanation of your brand message, its unique value proposition, the key themes, and the core significance of your brand identity.

After this, you can start figuring out what is the bridge that connects your brand identity to the buyer persona you have created. Find and understand the patterns and the common aspects of them. Doing this would help you make better decisions about brand messaging. You would see what is that your audience cares for and how that aligns with your brand values to derive messaging opportunities.

4. Brainstorm opportunities of messaging

Now that you have a particular document representing your identity and your target audience, you can start reading between the lines to find messaging opportunities. Know how you can relate your existing campaigns to your brand message? What kind of content can you use to convey your brand values?

After having all these ideas, you will be ready to develop a tagline that reflects your identity and unique value proposition.

Here are a few tips that remain true to your brand no matter what:

Being focused on the position of your brand: After creating any and every piece of content, answer the question, “Does it stand true to our values?”

Stay relevant to your target audience: While creating content, use the document with your brand messaging and buyer personas to make sure you stick to the point and make your audience feel related.

Don’t chase perfection: Remember, like people, a brand shouldn’t aim to be perfect. SO, never over promise and interact with the audience about something that you are not. It will come out as disingenuous.

Be simple: Always keep it simple. If by any chance your brad values or brand personality is confusing or difficult to interpret, consumers won’t relate to you. The last thing you want to land upon is a confused audience because of your brand message.

Communicate through your message everywhere: Stick to your brand message on every social media platform you promote. In every marketing decision you make, don’t forget your brand message. Be it writing website copies, creating campaign slogans, packaging headlines, or event marketing try communicating your brand message.

The Bottom Line

Our marketers in Tectra Technologies create a reviving brand identity to help you communicate your business – what it is about and what makes it different from your competitors in the industry. We create a face that resonates with your target audience and displays your company values and vision.

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