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Website Security Services – Keys to Protect Your Website from Cyber-attacks

By Santosh Kumar | October 8, 2020 | Web Development,Website

With the positive influence of the advent of digitization, there has been a recorded increase in the breach of cyber security as well. Businesses go online with the hope of boosting brand visibility and sales, but end up losing their website to the hackers.

More than 30,000 websites are hacked each day and more than anything, they lead to major financial loss for the targeted companies. The consequences of a cyber-attack are not just limited to finances but the brand image as well. If you have a well-established face of your brand online, you got to be extra careful with your website security.

Being a team of experienced web designers, web developers, and marketing experts, we know the value of website security. So, here we bring you the best website security measures you must take to protect your customers and website. Read on.

What is website security? Why is it important?

Website security is the action or tool that ensures the data on the website is not exposed to hackers. Taking proper measures to secure your website will help prevent exploitation of your brand reputation in any way.

When proposed with any steps to website security, businesses fail to understand its importance. Keeping your website secure implies that you are safe from cyber-attacks and unwanted elements, such as DDOS attacks, malware, defacement, vulnerability exploits, and blacklisting.

It also helps you maintain your reputation as a brand among your target audience. The security tools or measures protect your customers from unsolicited content, phishing schemes, session hijacking, and malicious redirects.

Remember, availing website security measures is cheaper than cyber-attacks!

How can you protect your website?

You can implement a few things to ensure your website’s safety and security. Check out the most important ones below:


An SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a tool that develops an encrypted link between a client and a host. In easy words, SSL forms a safe connection between your web browser and the web server.

The easiest way to find if your website has an SSL certificate is by referring to the domain. If your domain starts with “https://” and not the primary “http://”, you are SSL certified. For businesses having a website for online presence, it is essential to be SSL certified.

Because if you don’t, your visitors will see a ‘Not Secure’ tag beside the URL in the address bar of their browser. To someone who understands what the tag implies, you might turn out to be a business that cares less about their visitor’s safety, and that’s the last impression you want to make on your potential customers.

You can purchase an SSL certificate from your hosting provider. When getting your website developed by us, we will get you the certificate in the package.

A Global CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a series of connected servers responsible for taking the site to the users around the globe. On hosting your site on a single server, it takes the responsibility of handling all the traffic your website receives. That being said, your central server finds it difficult to manage the overwhelming traffic, making your site vulnerable to DDOS attacks and other harmful actions.

With the help of a global CDN, you can split the traffic across the network of servers and make your site more secure. Another good reason to use a CDN is that it makes your site faster; thus, improving the user experience and organic search results.

A Web Application Firewall (WAF)

WAF or Web Application Firewall keeps an eye at the traffic reaching your website. It restricts particular traffic as per a specific set of rules. Having a WAF can prove helpful in preventing harmful bots and hackers from accessing your website. It protects your site against cross-site scripting, DDOS attacks, and various other unwanted attacks that could affect your website’s reputation.

A website monitoring service

By implementing a website monitoring service, you can track the site’s performance, check for any possible vulnerabilities, and track down any outages to address. It helps your IT team to fix the problems as soon as they show up and before they get out of hand, protecting your site from any severe damage.

In a Nutshell

Keeping your website safe and secure is significant as a minor carelessness can leave you disappointed as you see your website go down. Yes, that’s an eventual possibility if your site is attacked by hackers or malware. So, it’s better you implement the above-mentioned security tools and ensure the safety of your site and customers.

When you choose Tectra Technologies for web development services, we propose to offer these website security services within the package. Make a free consultation with our support team and discuss your requirements.

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