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Machine Learning In Game Development

By Santosh Kumar | October 18, 2022 | Game Development,Machine Learning

In the past few decades, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have come very far due to their use cases in the real world. But, Machine learning in game development is an evolution. Organisations have adopted machine learning for game development due to the substantial amount of data accessibility for machines. Today machines can memorize and use deep learning algorithms to create realistic mobile games that attract the users of the whole world.

Creating exciting games is an art and it requires huge expertise in a specific field. Furthermore, for game development, an organisation needs an expert who is perfect in the fields such as graphics, sound, grammar and laborious work. However, such experts are rare. Thus, machine learning helped these organisations with their amazing algorithms. With the assistance of machine learning, video games have taken a new form that has led us to innovation and evolution.

The strategies and algorithms of machine learning can determine the performance of a mobile game. Additionally, machine learning adds more logistics and experience to the games. Thus, they turn out to get more engagement. But have you ever thought about how machine learning is used in game development? Or what are the techniques of machine learning in game development? If not, then let's take a deep dive into the answers to all these questions.

Machine Learning in Game Development Techniques

Machine learning uses different learning techniques in order to create mobile games. Machines learn from the behaviour of customers and this behavioural information is in the form of raw data. Hence, machine learning extracts meaningful full insights from this raw data to create and solve complex tasks.

Here are the different techniques used for game development:

Long short-term memory

This is a form of recurrent neural network utilised in deep learning for games. Its applications are connected with speech recognition, handwriting recognition and anomaly detection via network traffic.

Reinforcement learning

A reinforcement agent is trained by understanding the problems in reinforcement learning. It provides suggestions for what to do in a mobile game. It helps the machine understand the minor difference between wrong and right to collect any information and hence provide rewards to the users. Reinforcement learning is used in multiple methods such as deep Q-learning and policy search. It works perfectly for game development.

So these are some of the machine learning techniques in game development.

Using Machine Learning For Game Development

Machine learning has a huge impact on game development. Game developers face major problems while creating mobile games and all of them are solved via machine learning. Here are the ways through which machine learning is used in game development:

More Vivid Games

Games can become more realistic and vivid with the assistance of machine learning. Game developers utilize machine learning to make the game more interesting as well as realistic. You might have noticed that in most video games objects appear beautiful from afar but when you reach closer to them they are poor and pixelated.

Machine learning algorithms are utilised to enhance the images. With the assistance of MI, developers can render the objects dynamically.

Algorithms Playing as Bots

Who are these bots that play as your opponent in most video games? Yes, these are the prescripted algorithms of machine learning. You might have noticed that sometimes your enemies act smarter than you and respond uniquely in the game- this is all because of machine learning.

These bots learn dynamic movements and actions by capturing the actions of real players. Thus, machine learning in game development has reached heights.

Modelling Real World

The strength of a machine learning algorithm is to model the real world. Developers constantly make efforts to make the game more realistic. However, modelling the real world is pretty impossible. Thus, machine learning algorithms model the real world in a mobile game that the player cannot control such as weather or volcano eruption.

Machine learning brings ease to every huge problem. Thus, it is highly in trend.

The Future of Games

The future of game development lies in machine learning. Every challenge is easily solved by the algorithms and functionalities of machine learning. Developers can adopt machine learning to create a better gaming experience as only machine learning can expand video games to new horizons.

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