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DevOps Vs. Agile

By Santosh Kumar | October 19, 2020 | DevOps

DevOps and Agile are the two methodologies of software development with a pretty similar target. Getting the end product as efficiently and quickly as possible is the primary target for both approaches. Several organizations are interested in employing these practices. However, the confusion between the exact functioning of the two often makes a choice difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the two methodologies in detail to clear out all doubts.

Differences between DevOps and Agile.

As we have already discussed, these two methodologies vary significantly in their working processes and approaches. It is essential to learn about the main differences between them. Here is a precise list of facts that can help understand the entire scenario:

  • 1.DevOps depends on bringing the operations and development teams together to ensure the smooth delivery of the end product. On the other hand, Agile stresses the interactive approach with the main focus on collaboration and feedback from the customers and small and rapid releases.
  • 2. Constant testing and delivery are the primary aspects for DevOps, while Agile’s approach is focussed on continuous changes.
  • 3. DevOps requires a large team to execute the entire process. Constant testing and delivery need several workers to work on a single operation. But, Agile can be successfully dealt with by a small team as they are focussed on changes. Whatever changes are asked by customers can be handled by the team already working on it. So, there is hardly any necessity to involve a large group to finish the task at hand.
  • 4. Leverages on the left and the right shift principles are entirely different for DevOps and Agile. DevOps leverages both the shifts while Agile chooses to concentrate on the shift-left principle only.
  • 5. Software development is the primary target area for Agile. This methodology concentrates only on the creation of successful software. On the other hand, DevOps strives to provide perfect end-to-end business solutions and speedy delivery.
  • 6. Operational and business readiness is the prime focal point for DevOps. However, Agile concentrates on functional and non-functional readiness.

After getting some basic knowledge of the key differences between DevOps and Agile, it is time that we look a bit deeper into the matters. Let us go through some parameters and understand the differences between the two thoroughly.

The Purpose

The primary purpose of Agile is to manage complex projects, and DevOps aims to manage end-to-end engineering processes.

The Task

Focussing on constant changes has been the primary focus of Agile. In contrast, DevOps has its focus on continuous testing and delivery.

The Implementation

The prime implementation goal of DevOps is in collaboration. It implies that there is no commonly accepted framework for DevOps. Agile, on the other hand, can be implemented with a varied range of tactical frameworks, including safe, sprint, and scrum.

The Skillset Of The Team

As far as DevOps is concerned, the skillset is divided and spread between the two sections of operational and developmental teams. Agile targets at training their entire team with equal sets of skills for a single project.

The Size Of The Team

Agile requires a small group as every member of the team is trained for the same task. The small squad ensures agility. DevOps works with a relatively large team where the work is divided according to the members’ expertise.

The Duration Factor

The software development method for Agile is managed in units of sprints. It takes less than a month for each ‘sprint’ to be completed. On the other hand, DevOps work according to deadlines and are marked with significant releases in between. The primary target for DevOps is to deliver code to production on a daily or hourly basis.

The Feedback

Agile gets its feedback from the customers, while DevOps does not depend on customers for the feedback. They get the required feedback from their internal team.

The Primary Target

DevOps targets end-to-end business solutions, while Agile’s primary target is to develop the required software.

Shift-Left Principles

Agile leverages the shift-left principle, and DevOps leverages both right and left.

The Emphasis

The primary emphasis points for Agile methodology are the development of software. Once the software is created, the working team of Agile will not bother anymore about their creation. They will care to take the customer feedback but nothing more. DevOps, on the other hand, emphasizes the software which is ready for release and makes every attempt to deploy it most securely and reliably.

Cross-function Between Teams

As Agile works with a small team where every member is aware of every process involved in creating software, it becomes easy for them to switch roles whenever required. Any team member can do the necessary things to enable the progress of the project. This process is very useful in increasing the bond and understanding among the team. DevOps works with the principle of the separate existence of developmental and operational teams. The communication process in the working of the DevOps method often becomes very complicated.

The Automation Factor

Agile declines the automation factor even when this method is beneficial. DevOps gives immense importance to automation.

Final Thoughts

After knowing some of the intricate differences between Agile and DevOps, it is pretty clear that we can now make our choices among these two methodologies with ease. We now know that both Agile and DevOps try to bring value for the end-user. It now depends on our personal choice of methods to determine which methodology of software development will suit our specific needs. Agile and DevOps are high-end software development methods to enable the end customer to derive the best values. Their working and executing ways might be different, and they have their own sets of pros and cons. However, the end target is absolute customer satisfaction.

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