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Why Do You Need to Have a User-friendly Website for Your Business?

By Santosh Kumar | October 31, 2020 | Web Development

Today, every business or company is moving online, representing themselves through an official business website. Having a site is as significant as an office, shop, or contact number for your business. However, there’s a section of budding entrepreneurs and business operators that do not realize the value of owning a site or better call it a secured home online for their growth.

Going by the statistics, 6 out of 10 customers search your business online and expect your presence up there. People have turned scarce to offline products and services. If you are hoping to fly high skies beating your competitors from the industry, you better learn about the benefits of having a website for your brand/business.

Benefits of owning a website

24/7 Online Presence

Your website will allow your customers to find you anytime, anywhere. It offers users the convenience of finding you from the comfort of their home, without any pressure to buy. No restricted time window to interact with customers as your website will speak volumes about your products and services even in the middle of the night as required. Above all, you could be losing chances of getting more customers by not having an online presence.

Higher credibility

With modernization taking an edge in everything, people believe less in brand or companies not having a presence in the digital world. Would your existing customer trust you if you didn’t have a proper physical address, or telephone number back when they reached you for services? No, right? Your website will play the same role in getting you better credibility among your customers.

Your site and email address are two effective tools you need to reach out and exchange business information with your potential and existing customers. When visitors land on a website that is well-designed with a smooth user interface, they believe and expect the services to be of high quality as well.

You know what we mean!

Information exchange

Through a site, you can provide easy and quick information to your customers. Mention your working hours, contact information, and email for your customers to interact with you. Based on your services, you can also display an easy-to-fill contact form for facilitating your customers with a medium to post enquiries and feedback. On your website, you can exchange information with your customers in the form of engaging promotional videos about your products and services. It is the most cost-efficient way of being on the online platform and build a community with potential and existing customers.

Reduced operating costs

Think about having a store online to sell your goods, and not worrying about the substantial operating costs at all! Yes, that’s possible with an eCommerce website, where you can display your product range with all the details for your customers to see and buy. As a seller, you can avoid the need of having a brick-and-mortar store for your trading/retail business. This way, you save on operating charges, such as rental, staff wages, utilities, etc. Further, in the process of online business, you can sell your products at less cost to take the much needed competitive edge.

Having a website saves a lot of time, concerning all the multiple aspects you need to take care of in the business – sale, management, customer services, and more. You will have everything at one place – your official website!

Enjoy market expansion

With a brick-and-mortar shop, you can only reach to the customers in your locality, or the city if you are a popular name in the business, but not beyond. On the contrary, a website allows you to have a global reach. It breaks all the geographical barriers and makes it easier to have a customer from a different city or country. Suppose you are a cloth merchant, having a website makes it possible for a foreign national to buy your clothes. No more over-the-counter displays!

Know more about your customers

The analytic tools help you understand your customer better because you get the details of who your most loyal customers are and how they found you and use your services through the website. You will be exposed to a broad and diverse range of information through analytics and also get the idea of how you engage customers through the grand’s social media channels. You know about the number of people visiting your website, how many of them are genuine leads, and how many of them finally convert into customers. All this could not be possible without a website.

Great way of advertising

When you own a website, it needs to be promoted on different platforms, thus increasing your chances of becoming a known brand in the industry. And, it is when advertising takes the front seat. Mediums like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are the most powerful way of reaching out to a broader audience ensuring better accuracy and reliability in comparison to the conventional offline advertising techniques.

Online advertising and SEO are two beneficial methods of spreading the word about your business and attracting the right traffic to the website. Be the first among your peers to be seen by a potential customer when searched for a particular product/service online. Make your website the weapon to target a customer into purchasing a service or product from you easier than it ever was.

Get in the competition online

Without a website, you will miss out the chance of grabbing the attention of new customers, and your customers are already having all their attention. Now you know how important it is to be in the game with a decent yet attractive website. With the right strategies applied, you can be on the forefront being noticed as soon as a customer makes a search query on Google.

Better customer service

Through a website, you can attend to the queries of a lot of customers in a more efficient manner. You can put forward a FAQ section in the site with all the common questions answered. You can also have chat support to become available for your customers 24X7.

A website will reduce your customer service costs and encourage positive relationships with them in the long run. It further improves your image among the potential customers as they read positive testimonials on the website from your past and existing customers referring to the high-end cust9mer support.

Greater growth opportunity

Last but not least, a website is the most reliable and efficient way of growth in your respective industry. You will be visible to your potential investors who might turn to you for a business deal seeing a systemic representation of your products and services online.

So, why not try this key to unlock the door to success?

In a Nutshell

A website is your online home that represents all your services and products in the best way possible. From broader reach of customers, better visibility, market expansion, to accurate customer service, online competition, and reduced operating costs, your site is the way out for almost everything.

If you are reading the bottom line, we believe you have understood the perks of having a website for your business. At Tectra Technologies, we bring to you the opportunities to realize all these benefits as we build a high-end, attractive and user-friendly website for you.

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