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7 Social Media Tricks To Boost Content Marketing Endeavors

By Santosh Kumar | September 19, 2022 | Social Media Marketing

21st-century consumers are digital natives and the digital world is as important, if not more, as the world of brick-and-mortar. Effective social media marketing is vital to the survival, growth, and profit of any business, including content marketing. Though studies suggest that it is easier to market online, the space is also very competitive, and that is where certain social media tricks can boost consumer reach and marketing.

There is no doubt that such tricks are dynamic, but the ones mentioned here are tried and tested, and have the backing of established businesses.

  • Keep in consideration the demography targeted:
    1. Every product, even content, is meant for certain niche customers. The onus lies on the service provider to understand who their potential consumers might be and where they would be comfortable connecting to businesses. Hence, understanding the demographics of the market is the single most important aspect on which the following tricks are dependent.
  • Identify the suitable social media for the corresponding market base. The following may be helpful
    1. Instagram is easily accessible and hence has the potential to reach a much larger audience. Moreover, visually appealing Instagram ads, etc can aid in connecting to audiences beyond the targeted consumer slice, thus even breaking the market boundaries.
    2. Facebook posts are especially helpful for product copy-writings, as they allow for concise and crisp descriptions. It must be noted that Facebook is the most used social media platform by well-established businesses
    3. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. are more suitable for professionals
    4. Instagram and Twitter enable easier connections to Influencers
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools can be used to understand relevant keywords, both general and specific. It helps to better identify the purpose of the content and enables algorithms to work their magic in optimizing the search engine rankings. Some of the SEO tools most used are Google Search Console, SEMRush, SpyFu, etc
  • Hashtags in social media are nothing short of magic spells for content marketing. Trending hashtags can be scouted through hashtag analytics sites like Hashtagify, Hashtags.org, etc
  • Visual apps like Canva, Cello, etc. are great tools to have to create awesome graphic styles, flowcharts, lettering, cute artwork, etc. The inclusion of infographics makes understanding the content much more palatable. It is not a surprise to anyone that colorful or animated visual media attracts the attention of social media users quicker than texts, and so, such creative inclusions can increase viewer traffic to the content
  • Keeping in touch with current trends and actively engaging them in content creation enables easier media user attention. Such trends might hashtags, memes, calligraphy styles, doodles, art forms, graphics interchange format (gifs), etc.
  • Social Media Management platforms like Tweetdeck, Buffer, etc. can also be utilized in scheduling social media posts to maintain consistency and encourage regular check-in by followers.

Having a social media strategy is imperative in today’s digital marketplace. However, as media evolves, so must we. To this end, the best trick is to actually be open to new ideas, platforms and tools.

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